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5 Steps to become an Insurance Adjuster

Ready to begin your insurance adjuster career but uncertain where to start? Follow AdjusterPro's 5 step guide and begin your claims adjuster career today!

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Adjusters

Think you have the right stuff? Read up on what it takes to make a a great insurance adjuster.

Insurance Adjuster Basics

Let's break it down to the fundamentals. Here are the where, what, why, when, and how of all things claims adjuster.


Compliance Headache?

Supportive Insurance Services is your best medicine.

Whether you are an individual or large company managing 500 claims personnel, SIS alleviates the stress and tension created by the complexity of adjuster licensing, renewal, and compliance.

Hire them to worry about it. It's what they do best!

"Barb, Jeffrey and the team at SIS are a fantastic group offering a critical service at a great value. Any HR or Compliance Manager needs to check out the compliance solutions at SIS. I give them my full recommendation."


- Daniel Kerr, COO & Founder, AdjusterPro