We help people become claims adjusters. We're a tight-knit group, and although most of us work in different states, we're bound closely by a culture that we enthusiastically embrace. Service, transparency, and the golden rule are at the core. So is having fun.

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Meet the team at AdjusterPro:

Lisa Whalen

Curriculum Dev Manager

Lisa is a facilitator. That's like being an assassin without the illegal killing aspect. Actually, it's not like being an assassin at all.

Lisa once sold a book for $160,000. Yep, that's right.

Mary Pat Brennan

Curriculum Expert

Mary Pat is at the heart of our push to make our online courses great. Her lovely daughters Brigid and Annie help her type.

Despite her obvious German heritage, Mary Pat loves Irish music.

Maria Beckwith

Customer Champion

As a mother of nine (9) children, Maria takes a close 2nd place at AP in the 'large family' division.

She loves classic rock and classical ballet in equal proportion and her favorite color is red.

Mary Wright Brennan

Director of 1st Impressions

Mary has at least two passions: education and words. Words, phrases, sentences, chapters, books, you get the idea. Reading and Writing.

And Deadlines! Deadlines are the 'Rithmetic.

Caitlin Brittain

Customer Champion

Caitlin is a midwest farm girl sojourning in the fever swamps of Florida with her husband while he pursues advanced studies in theology.

Her secret ambition is to raise miniature elephants for butter.

Ben Walsh

Customer Champion

Ben Walsh is basically a human Swiss Army Knife. Just without the nail file thing because, seriously?

Ben also plays the trombone professionally. Please don't call his instrument a tuba.

Kelsey Lahaie

Exec/Finance Assistant

Kelsey is a Midwesterner transplanted into the Arizona desert. She can only laugh when these people use the word 'cold'.

Fun fact: Her high school's mascot was an antler. Not the whole deer, just the antler.

Mary Dunlap


Mary's work at AdjusterPro is vital to the health of the company. We think it has something to do with payroll.

In her spare time, Mary likes to pay library late fees and assemble IKEA bookshelves.

Rachelle Shoemaker

Curriculum Developer

Rachelle is a U.S. Air Force Korean linguist turned insurance adjuster curriculum developer. Like so many before her. Wait, what?

Regan Daniel

Marketing Manager

Regan is a mom of twins, college football fanatic, and non-stop reader. She joined us to help with writing and editing and before we knew it, we put her in charge of marketing. Wait a second...see what she did there?

Pablo Gonzalez

Dir. Career Consultations

Fluent in Spanish with a degree in English, Pablo adds real value to an industry that needs truly bi-lingual communicators.

He is also the proud papá of five boys: Juan, Julio, Josemaría, Joaquín & Josué. Notice a pattern?

Brittany Saibini

Dir. Service & Support

Brittany lives in the country with her husband, five dogs, a cat, and (someday) several llamas. She has worked previously in insurance, and more recently as a teacher.

She really likes helping customers.

Lyndi Wright

VP of Product Development

Lyndi is currently leading a team of writers and designers in transforming our entire suite of online courses into a world class educational experience.

She may have used to like Tom Brady, but she's totally over it now.

Ben Dunlap


Ben "the Brain" Dunlap has a large cranium that contains a large brain, which he uses to crunch numbers, flatten algorithms and, we suspect, bend spoons.

He also loves tax forms and financial reports.

Melissa Brittain


Mother of 11 and coach of an Arizona state champion basketball team, Melissa knows a thing or two about leadership, sacrifice and teamwork.

She also puts together a heck of a fantasy football team.

Adam Gardiner


Zen master Adam's passion for innovation and constant, never-ending improvement spurs AdjusterPro forward.

When not meditating in a cave and subsisting on kombucha, Adam meditates in an ice bath and subsists on water kefir.

Dan Kerr


In 2005, Dan decided to co-found AdjusterPro instead of becoming a snail farmer. He hasn't regretted that decision.

Dan has been known to broker hundred-dollar deals while milking his cow.