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We take a different approach. Most schools currently teaching Xactimate fuss too much over the nuances of the program itself and miss the rather obvious point that Xactimate is a tool meant to close claims. At AdjusterPro, we approach Xactimate training with an obsessive, single-minded focus on using Xactimate effectively to close claims. No frills, no fuss — we cut to the essentials of a program that can make or break you in the field.


Xactimate Software FAQ

What is Xactimate and why should I learn it?
Xactimate is a property estimating program designed for claims adjusters, contractors, and insurance carriers. Adjusters are able to key in the type and quantity of material damaged for a particular claim, and using a built-in price list (one for every county in the United States). Xactimate is able to generate a cost-estimate for returning that property to its pre-damaged condition. It is a well-conceived, highly developed, and powerful program that cuts estimating time dramatically. More and more insurance carriers are mandating its use for their adjusters.

Is it difficult to learn Xactimate?
Xactimate is not your typical software. Built to handle the naturally complex process of an insurance claim, it comes loaded with features. Many novice independent adjusters who attempt the "learn as you go" method while in the field never complete their assignment because the program is not immediately intuitive. The best course of action is to adapt to the initial learning curve through formal instruction. Taking some basic Xactimate training can save immense amounts of time and frustration in the field and can literally pay for itself within a single day.

Which version of Xactimate should I use?
While Xactimate 27 and 27.5 are still in use, there is no reason not to use Xactimate 28. It has been updated with new efficient interface that will be sure to maximize potential of estimate preparers. It's cutting edge — you should be too.

How do I purchase Xactimate and how much does it cost?
Xactimate can be ordered here. Because Xactimate is purchased as a subscription, the cost will depend upon how many months you sign up for. Budget around $250 per month for this program - however, you may have the good fortune to work for a company, even as an independent, that pays for the Xactimate licenses for its adjusters.

Can I learn Xactimate without paying for the software?
Definitely — You can download a 30-day demo of Xactimate, and wait to purchase the program until you get your first claims assignment. There is no reason to pay a subscription fee for time when the program isn't helping you to make money.

Downloading and installing the demo can take quite a long time (anywhere from 2 to 6 hours), so be sure to give yourself ample time before the start of any sort of scheduled training session. You'll want to use a broadband Internet connection (such as cable or DSL) for the download.

Can I use Xactimate on my Mac?
If you plan on using Xactimate 28, the answer is yes. Xactimate 28 is supported by an online platform and can be best utilized using Internet Explorer 8+ browser with Silverlight. Versions before Xactimate 28 can not be used on a Mac.

What are the minimum system requirements for running Xactimate® 28 on my computer?
Please refer to Xactware's system requirements. You can also download Xactimate 28 Installation Guide for further information.

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