Become a Texas Insurance Adjuster

Licensing Rules and PreLicensing Course Options for Texas Claims Adjusters

AdjusterPro’s Bottom-line: Becoming a licensed adjuster in Texas is relatively simple thanks to an option of taking a certified Adjuster Pre-Licensing Course (see list of available courses below). Pre-licensing courses are available through AdjusterPro either online or in a classroom setting. Texas also allows non-residents who live in non-licensing states to designate Texas as their home state. UPDATE: Effective Sept. 1st, 2012, Texas will only issue non-resident licenses to residents of licensing states who already hold their home state's license.

Adjuster License Requirements

  1. Be at least 18 years or older.
  2. Submit the appropriate application and fees.
  3. Be a United States citizen or legal alien who possesses a work authorization from the US Immigration and Naturalization Services.
  4. NON-RESIDENTS MUST be one of the following: a) Licensed in home state OR b) Living in a non-licensing state.
  5. Qualify for the license by choosing one of the following:

Option #1: Take a Texas approved certified adjuster pre-licensing course. (explained below)


Option #2: Successfully complete the Pearson Vue Exam. (explained below)

Exemptions: The following applicants are not required to pass the state exam or take a pre-licensing course:

 - Texas Adjuster whose license has been expired for more than 90 days but less than one year;

- Non-resident applicant holding an adjuster license in a reciprocal state;

 - Applicant holding an AIC (Associate in Claims) or CPCU (Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter) designation.

Option #1 - Adjuster PreLicensing Course & Final

Residents & Non-resdients from a non-licensing state may gain exemption from the Texas state exam by completing the Texas All-Lines Adjuster Pre-Licensing program - a 40-hour course available through AdjusterPro in both online and classroom environments. AdjusterPro offers the following Texas Pre-Licensing courses for Adjusters:

Option #2 - Adjuster Exam 

If you opt to take the Pearson Vue exam rather than the Pre-Licensing course you may find out more information through Pearson Vue here.

Texas License Application

How to fill out Application for Individual Adjuster License, TDI Form FIN506

1. Residents of Texas who choose to qualify for the license by completing a Pre-Licensing course can apply online or by mail.

ONLINE: Apply online at Sircon. QUESTIONS? Email: 

MAIL: Submit the following to the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) within 12 months of the course completion date:

  • Texas Adjuster Application Form FIN506 (Independent Adjusters Part 1, 2, 7 & 8 only);
  • Application fee of $50;
  • Fingerprint receipt (for more information see below or reference page 13 of application);
  • Course completion certificate.

2. Residents of Texas who choose to qualify for the license by taking and passing the Pearson Vue exam must submit the following to Pearson Vue:

  • Texas Adjuster License Application by Pearson Vue (call 866-267-0455 if you have questions);
  • Application fee of $50, made payable to Pearson Vue;
  • Fingerprint receipt or criminal history background check; (see pages 7, 10, and 11 of application for more information)
  • Mail application, fees, and all attachments to

         Pearson VUE / DataStream Technologies
         Attn: Texas Insurance License Application
         18568 Forty Six Parkway, Suite 2001
         Spring Branch, TX 78070
         (888) 325-6580

3. Non-residents of Texas from a non-licensing state who hold no license and plan on designating Texas as their home state will need to follow the instructions above for mailing an application.      

4. Non-residents of Texas from a licensing state who hold a license in their home state will be granted reciprocity in Texas if their home state also grants reciprocity to Texas adjusters.  Please follow the instructions above for mailing in your application.  If you have not been fingerprinted you will need to do that to obtain your Texas license, see information below.  

 NOTE TO ALL APPLICANTS: The Texas Department of Insurance specifically says to allow no less than 15 days for applications to be processed beginning from the day the application is received. Allow 8-10 business days from the day the application is sent out for TDI to verify it has been received.

For detailed information about the licensing process, review the Texas Insurance Licensing Handbook, or the Texas Department of Insurance Licensing FAQs.


Unless you have already been fingerprinted for your adjuster license you will need to complete fingerprinting for the Texas Department of Insurance.  The fingerprinting fee is $41.45 for all applicants.

Residents - Electronic Fingerprinting 

  1. Make an appointment for fingerprinting with Morpho Trust USA by calling 1-888-467-2080 or online.  If there are no locations near you please follow the directions below for "Exception to Electronic Fingerprinting."
  2. Print & complete the In State - Fast Fingerprint Pass.  
  3. Take the Fingerprint Fast Pass to the scheduled fingerprinting appointment and be prepared to pay the $41.45 fee, be sure to KEEP THE RECEIPT.
  4. Submit your fingerprinting receipt with your application.  

Non-residents - Exception to Electronic Fingerprinting 

  1. Print the Out Of State - Fast Fingerprint Pass.  (also referred to as "Fingerprint Card Scan Authorization Form").  
  2. READ and follow the directions on the above document to obtain your RegID.  
  3. Write your RegID in the space provided on the Out of State - Fast Fingerprint Pass.
  4. Get fingerprinted by a criminal law enforcement agency on an original APPLICANT fingerprint card that includes Texas Department of Insurance ORI TX920540Z. ALL requested information must be provided on the fingerprint card and you and the official taking the fingerprints must sign the card. Blank cards may be obtained from TDI by calling 512-322-3503 or you may e-mail request to All fingerprints MUST be captured by a law enforcement agency.
  5. Make a check for $41.45 payable to "Morpho Trust USA."
  6. Send the completed fingerprinting card, the out-of-state/fast fingerprint pass and $41.45 check to: Morpho Trust Enrollment Solutions, Texas Cardscan Processing, 1650 Wabash Ave Suite D, Springfield, IL 62704
  7. Wait for a FAST receipt from MorphoTrust Enrollment Solutions. The receipt should be mailed to the applicant’s home address. If you do not receive the receipt within a month, please contact MorphoTrust Enrollment Solutions to receive a faxed copy. The FAST receipt allows TDI to locate criminal history reports.


If a non-resident applicant holds a license in their resident state and that state grants reciprocal licenses to Texas adjusters, then the applicant does not need to take the state exam or pre-licensing course. The applicant will also be exempt from Texas’ CE and criminal history report requirements. Non-residents who live in non-licensing states can designate Texas as their home state. This provides those individuals with Texas' reciprocity and requires them to adhere to Texas CE requirements listed below.

Checking Your License Status

You can review your license number, status, and expiration through the Texas Insurance Licensing Search and Renewal online.

Maintaining Your License

  • 30 hours of CE are required per 2-year reporting period. Two of these hours must be in Consumer Protection and/or Adjuster Ethics. Half of these credits must be earned in classroom or classroom equivalent courses. All 30 Hours, including Adjuster Ethics, are available as part of AdjusterPro's Continuing Education Catalog.
  • Post card notifications will be sent out to license holders reminding them of any credits they need before their upcoming deadline. Click here for more information on "Continuing Education Courtesy Notices."  QUESTIONS? Contact: 
  • Renew your application by mailing your renewal invoice to the TDI with the renewal fee, or by credit card online at the Licensing Application to Renew License or Sircon. Non-residents may also renew their licenses at NIPR.
  • Keep your information up to date with an NIPR Address Change request.
  • Please review the TDI FAQ page on CE compliance here. #17 on this list states: "Also, you will only receive credit once if the same course is taken multiple times during a two-year license term." 
  • You may take the same course in back-to-back compliance cycles, but not in the same compliance cycle.

License Fees

  • Initial Licensing and Application Fee: $50.
  • License Renewal Fee: $50.
  • Late Fee: $25
  • Fingerprinting Fee: $41.45
  • Exam Fees
    • All Lines: $70 or course cost
    • Property/Casualty and Surety: $70 or course cost
    • Worker’s Comp: $55 or course cost

Contact the Texas Department of Insurance

Texas Insurance Department, 333 Guadalupe, PO Box 149104, Austin TX 78701

Licensing Customer Service Phone: (512) 322-3503, Fax: (512) 332-4209, Email:

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