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AdjusterPro's Bottom-line: North Carolina residents must pass an exam before successfully applying for a license. However, North Carolina does offer reciprocal licensing to non-residents holding resident license in any other state. North Carolina may waive licensing requirements altogether in catastrophe situations per Bulletin 07-B-03 .

Adjuster License Requirements

To become a licensed North Carolina insurance adjuster, individuals must:

  • Be 18 years of age or more.
  • If a resident, successfully complete the Pearson VUE insurance exam.
  • Some non-residents are eligible for reciprocal licensing:
        • If you already hold an adjuster license for the same lines of authority in your home state, then you may apply for the non-resident license without taking the North Carolina exam;
        • If you have adopted another state as your home state for licensure (i.e., you have taken that state’s exam to qualify for an adjuster license), you may apply for the North Carolina non-resident license without taking the exam;
        • If you are a non-resident and you do not already hold a resident license in another state, you will have to take the North Carolina exam, applying as though you were a resident.

Adjuster Exam Preparation

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Adjuster Exam Registration

Exams can not be schedules unless you have completed a license application online at NIPR.  Once you have applied you will receive and email authorization from Peason VUE that will contain information on how to schedule your exam.

Refer to the North Carolina Candidate Handbook for detailed information on taking the exam.

North Carolina License Application

  • All license requirements must be completed within 6 months of the application date. Failure to complete the requirements within 6 months would result in forfeiture of all submitted fees and the applicant must reapply and pay all fees.
  • Residents must apply online via NIPR before scheduling exam. If you are a non-resident but you are not being licensed reciprocally, you will take the exam and apply as though you were a resident.
  • After passing the exam wait 48-72 hours and NIPR will match up your results with your pending license application.
  • NIPR will send an email notification to the North Carolina Licensing Office of Pearson VUE that your exam has been successfully completed.
  • When license application is approved, NIPR will send a “Congratulatory Email” with a link to instructions on how to print your new license through SBS Connect. Licenses may be printed 48-72 hours after receipt of this email.
  • Print your license by visiting SBS Connect.
    • Follow the steps to set up a free account and establish a password.
    • Once enrolled, it is quick and easy to click on the option “Print Your License.”
    • Be sure to save your license record to a file on your computer in case of printer problems.
    • The first time to print is free.
  • Applicants (residents or non-residents) who do not have to take the exam can apply online via NIPR and pay the application fee.


North Carolina grants reciprocal licensing privileges to any non-resident applicants who hold an adjuster license in any other state. Residents and non-residents who do not already hold an adjuster license elsewhere must pass the Pearson VUE exam. If you adopted another state as your home state for the purpose of obtaining a resident license (i.e. if you took the adjuster exam of a state that is not your home state), then that state can count as your resident state. You are eligible for the North Carolina non-resident license without taking the exam.

In the event of a catastrophe, a licensed adjuster from another state may be brought into North Carolina to work as an adjuster even though he or she does not have a North Carolina license. Please click here for more information.

Maintaining Your License

  • Your North Carolina Adjuster license will need to be renewed by April 1st of each year.
  • Renew your license by completing your continuing education and submitting a license renewal via
  • Continuing Education--if you are a:
    • Resident or a non-resident who took the North Carolina exam: 24 Hours of CE (including 3 ethics and 3 flood credits) are required every two years.
    • Non-resident who qualified for licensure because you were already licensed for the same lines of authority in your home state: simply meet the CE requirements of your home state.
    • Non-resident who qualified for licensure by taking an insurance exam in another state: simply meet the CE requirements for the state in which you took the exam.
    • For more information on New Licensee CE Requirements click here.
    • For more information on CE Extension or Exemption click here.
    • As of March 25, 2013 Vertafore (formerly Sircon) is the Department's CE Administrator, handling all continuing education services, including provider approval, course approval, course roster processing and compliance calculation for licensees. Licensees will be able to search for courses and view their continuing education records through the Vertafore website
    • See here for more details on North Carolina's CE requirements and changes.
    • It is important to maintain current information with the North Carolina Department of Insurance. Update your name and address via or on the Change of Address Form.

License Fees

  • Examination Fee (if required): $46.00
  • Initial Application Processing Fee: $50
  • Registration Fee: $50
  • NIPR Application Transaction Fee: $5
  • License Fee: $75
  • License Renewal Processing Fee: $40
  • License Renewal Fee: $75
  • Click here for a further breakdown of North Carolina Adjuster Fees.

Contact the North Carolina Department of Insurance

Agent Services, 1201 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-1201

Phone: (919) 807-6800, Fax: (919) 715-3794 Attn: Licensing, Email:

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