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Licensing Rules and Online Exam Prep for Arizona Claims Adjusters

AdjusterPro's Bottom-line: To obtain the Arizona adjuster license, residents and non-residents who are not licensed in their resident state or who live in non-licensing states, must take the Arizona state exam administered by Prometric. Arizona does grant reciprocity if you hold a license in your resident state. There are no continuing education requirements for licensed Arizona adjusters.

Effective June, 2014:

Prometric will open registration and scheduling for Arizona examinations on June 15, for examinations to be administered on and after July 1. To take an Arizona insurance examination on or after July 1, register with Prometric here, or call Prometric at (800) 853‐5448.

Adjuster License Requirements

To become a licensed Arizona insurance adjuster, individuals must:

  • Be 18 years of age.
  • Pass the state adjuster exam unless you are licensed in your resident state.
  • Arizona defines an adjuster as, "an individual or business that is paid to adjust, investigate or negotiate insurance claim settlements on behalf of an insurance company or insured."

Adjuster Exam Preparation

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Adjuster Exam Registration

Schedule with Prometric here, or call Prometric at (800) 853‐5448.

Arizona License Application


  • Pass state exam. (Applying to the state must take place within one year of passing the exam).
  • IMPORTANT! Arizona law limits you to four attempts to pass an exam for a particular line of authority within a one-year period. After a fourth unsuccessful attempt, you will have to wait one year from the date of the last attempt to retake the exam. Arizona law treats failing an examination that covers more than one line of license authority the same as failing the examination for each individual line of license authority. ARS §20-284(H).
  • Completed application form, either:
    • Electronically via under electronic licensing or,
    • Via the Arizona Individual Insurance License Form L-169
  • One (1) completed, blue-outlined fingerprint card (Form FD-258) from the Insurance Licensing Section or from a Prometric insurance license testing center.
  • Licensing Eligibility Form L-152
  • Application fee of $120.00 and fingerprint processing fee of $22.00.


  • Who are licensed and in good standing in their resident state can obtain a license by way of paper application only. Form L-169.
  • Who do not have any other license or who live in a state that does not require licensing must:
    • Pass state exam.
    • One (1) completed, blue-outlined fingerprint card (Form FD-258) from the Insurance Licensing Section or from a PSI insurance license test center.
    • Licensing Eligibility Form L-152
  • Application fee of $120.00 and fingerprint processing fee of $22.00.


Arizona grants reciprocity for those who are licensed in their resident state. You do not need to pass an examination if the state where you reside issues adjuster licenses and you are licensed in good standing in that state.

Maintaining Your License

  • No Continuing Education is required, though license holders are advised to stay informed of any changes in this regard.
  • Renew your license online or download a renewal application via Insurance Professional License Update System, IPLUS. (You can also update your address and telephone information using IPLUS.)
  • If IPLUS renews your license and accepts your license renewal fee, IPLUS will provide you a screen that congratulates you for completing the renewal process. The renewal process is only complete after IPLUS provides you the congratulatory message and you verify that your license is renewed by viewing it online.
  • If IPLUS is not able to renew your license online, IPLUS will tell you the reason and will give you the option to print a renewal application. Use IPLUS to print a renewal application and submit your application with any other required materials and nonrefundable fees.
  1. By Mail (must arrive in our office on or before the expiration date of your license) or,
  2. In Person during Licensing Counter business hours. Click here to view buniness hours and locations.
  • If you cannot use IPLUS to renew your license or to print a renewal application click here to download Form L-191, carefully follow the instructions that accompany the form and submit the application with the required fees and any other required materials.
  • Renewal Preview is a tool available to licensees that helps them detect and prevent any problems that could occur during their license renewal.
  • Quadrennial renewal fee of $120.00 (only half this amount for one or two-year licenses. Learn more)

License Fees

  • $120.00 Application Fee.
  • $22.00 Fingerprint Processing Fee subject to change. Click here and scroll to the bottom of page to verify processing fee.
  • $56 State Exam Fee.
  • $60.00-$120.00 Renewal Fee (based on license term).

Contact the Arizona Department of Insurance

Arizona Department of Insurance, 2910 N. 44th St., Suite 210, Phoenix, Arizona 85018-7269 

Phone: (602) 364-4457, Fax: (602) 364-4460, Email: (no file attachments please)

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Adjuster Licensing Guide

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