State Farm Property Adjuster Certification

books State Farm Property Adjuster CertificationNew and aspiring adjusters seeking to distinguish themselves beyond adjuster licensing and Xactimate training ought seriously to consider becoming State Farm property certified.State Farm insures more cars and homes than any other insurer in the United States…read more.So if you are seeking carrier certification that gives you the best overall chance of deployment, this is the place to start.There is, however, a surprising lack of information on the subject so lets quickly review the where, what, when, and how of State Farm adjuster certification.


At present, the following adjusting companies are approved to offer State Farm certification: Eberls, Pilot, Worley, and E.A. Renfroe. No other adjusting firms are capable of certifying you specifically for State Farm claims aside from these. Certification courses are conducted at specified locations such as a company training facility and are not available online.


The certification is a 2 day process.The first day consists of an initial 6 hour LDP (Live Desktop Presentation) streamed from State Farm to the classroom.The material covers protocol specific to handling State Farm claims.In previous years, this Live Desktop Presentation was referred to as the IDL or Interactive Distance Learning segment.The second day is comprised of the two certification exams: Wind/Hail and Estimatics.


Certification courses are conducted roughly on a quarterly basis and then according to demand.Check with each of the companies per above to determine scheduling.In some cases, you will be required to create an account and submit your resume to access the scheduling information.


Each of the companies per above will require a resume and/or online application be submitted prior to registration for the certification.The fees for the course vary but are generally nominal.

Bottom Line…

Get certified! State Farm certification increases credibility and your odds of deployment and can serve as a foot in the door with 4 major adjusting firms.  Contact firms above for further details and to schedule your LDP and exams.

 State Farm Property Adjuster Certification

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